A number of the schools I now support are or recently have become schools that use Google Apps for Education.  As these teachers and administrators have adopted Google tools, we have been assembling some best practices for each app within the Google toolset.  This month, we’ll be looking at tips […]

Productivity with Google Apps: Gmail and Calendar

  For Vianney Griffins, whether students or teachers, an increasing trend among learning experiences here is to make the campus our classroom. This is an important step — it signifies a growing comfort with learning anywhere and everywhere.  And in typical Vianney style, we learn as a family. Notable examples […]

The Campus as Our Classroom

This past week, a leadership team from St. John Vianney High School including myself, our principal, our dean of applied sciences and a member of our board had the privilege of participating in the #FutureReady Summit held in St. Louis.  We were very excited to tell the Vianney story to […]

Vianney is #FutureReady

Last week I had the privilege to present at the National Catholic Educators Association about the distinctive growth faculty, staff, and students at St. John Vianney High School have experienced with technology over the past three years.  What I loved about this presentation, and about the collaborative PD program it […]

Vianney 2.0 – Real Teachers, Real Stories

map of St. Louis
It has been such a great year of meeting so many people involved in bringing Makerspaces and Maker experiences to students around St. Louis. I’m trying to wrap my head around the variety of places and people building this Maker culture for K12 kids in my hometown. Would you be […]

Maker Culture in #STL – a mapping project

In January and February, I have had the privilege of working with youth librarians of the St. Louis County Library system around the topic of Makerspaces.  Agendas and resources can be found below: January 8, 2015 What is a makerspace? What’s currently happening at SLCL in terms of Maker culture? […]

Makerspaces in Public Libraries

Young men in Chemistry class now enjoy one of teacher Nick Kheriaty’s favorite labs — one he’s been meaning to teach for years.  Math teacher Will Thomas sees more thinking, more collaborative conversation, more hard work in ACC Algebra.  Freshmen in Jillian Hoge’s classes practice pig grunts — laughing and […]

Flipping Instruction – Best Practices from Vianney Teachers

  Dawn Finley was looking for a way to hook her Junior Honors English students into early American literature.  Certainly students could read the book, take the typical quiz, and then discuss with one another, but Dawn was hoping for something more.  She was hoping for students to care about […]

Debating Twain: Arguing with Literature

This January, our faculty began a work of understanding data we regularly collect in order to strengthen student skills and evaluate our curricula.  Myself, two math teachers, and our head of guidance put the following presentation together to lead a 1-hour development that will set the tone for further work […]

Digesting Data – moving toward meaningful conversations around the ACT