My first MFL flashmeeting

Today I attended my first MFL flashmeeting, an  ‘virtual’ face-to-face meeting with some great folks from the UK.  Thanks especially to Samantha Lunn and Isabelle Jones for their active involvement in and promotion of this great learning opportunity.

While I’m largely unfamiliar with the curriculum delivered across the pond, many teaching practices described during our meeting were similar to those I see with our teachers here in Missouri, though many, including the FLIP Approach, were new to me.   And although I hadn’t attended the conference that made up the greatest part of the discussion, I began thinking about how wonderful it was to gather a group together through this medium for direct reflection about that experience.  As I look forward to attending ACTFL here in the states, I’m already wondering about how I might organize or join in on an effort like this one stateside.

Kudos to Esther Hardman and Joe Dale for keeping the conversation on track, to Lisa Stevens for some great observations and an impromptu performance of la vaca lola (I’ll definitely be sharing that video with teachers here), and to all those who participated in this meeting.  I learned a lot from listening, and I look forward to participating next time!


  1. Hi there

    I love it when we get educators from beyond the UK as it is always interesting to see how things are done in other countries and it also helps us think differently about our own practice. Glad you enjoyed our MFL FlashMeeting, thanks for the mention and see you on 25th January! (next one).


  2. Sounds great, Isabelle! Though I was only there for just under an hour, it didn’t take long to see how close-knit and friendly your network is. I’ll definitely save the date!

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