Adding Notes to LucidChart

LucidChart is only gaining ground in terms of my appreciation for it as an educational and professional tool.  It has some limitations (no video embedding, for example), but not too many when it comes to wire framing and mind mapping, the two subjects most of my teaching colleagues typically use.

One element I’ve missed, though, has been the ability to hide and reveal “notes” about specific nodes.  The mind mapping software I first used had this ability built-in, and I had about given up hope, until I learned about “hot spots” in Lucid Chart.  The link will point you to the Lucid Chart tutorial on how this accomplished.  The examples below demonstrate what hot spots and “states” can accomplish.

Final Product: Click on the subpoints.

Some steps:

  1. Draw your nodes.
  2. Right click a node and select “Create Hot Spot”.
  3. In the dialog box for actions, select “Toggle” and “New State”.  Title the “state” (which is a layer of information that will display when that node is clicked) with something related to the appropriate node.  I used “Subpoint 3 description” in my example.  Click “OK”.
  4. Draw the note, picture, etc. you’d like to appear when you click the node.
  5. Click the “Page” link in the upper left corner above the diagram paper.
  6. Hide the note, if you wish, by checking the box next to the state description in the dialog box that appears.


By walking through these steps for each node you wish to describe, you will add a bank of “hidden” descriptions that you or your students can reveal as you move around the map.


  1. Hey Drew, Eliza from Lucidchart here 🙂 Thanks for the post! We’re glad to see that you found out about hot spots and states, they’re a pretty awesome piece of functionality.

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