Google Classroom in the Math Classroom


This week I had an especially enjoyable workshop with math teachers from the Fort Zumwalt School District, talking about the basics of Google Classroom and where it fits within the mathematics classroom.

As my professional journey has taken me into more of the IT strategy world the past year and a half, I’m finding that I take a much more deliberate facilitator role in workshops like these.  What I’ve learned, as I spend more time asking questions and pulling people up to the front to tell their stories, is that the time becomes more relevant to my audience, more engaging to me as a learner, and just a lot more fun.  I haven’t laughed so much in a workshop in a long time.  The facilitation approach also binds participants together, which is so very important for a drop-in development like this one.  And while the feedback asked for was specifically about me, I think the positive vibe from the teachers present really came from the amazing ideas and support they gave to one another in the session.  I was glad just to be in the room.

You can find the full workshop at:

Our agenda is below:

  1. What is Google Classroom? – Your experiences with Drive and Classroom
  2. Participating as Students – Let’s spin up a course and talk about what it’s like to be a student
  3. Resources, Announcements and Posts – Pushing Content
  4. Assignments – Assigning, Collecting, Reviewing, and Returning
  5. The App – Benefits to being mobile
  6. Plugging in Math – Additional math apps that connect to Classroom
  7. Math Voices – People to pull on long after this session is over

Sample Feedback:

  • The speaker knew his tool.  He effectively sought and used the experience of the participants and was able to show ways to meet multiple needs.
  • He involved the whole class, and I loved his philosophy that if we are to really use this, we have to use it as a “student” first.
  • I am already using Google Classroom and I still feel I left the session with valuable information.  I can’t wait to get to the classroom and use these new ideas.
  • I was not very familiar with Google Classroom before today, so I learned a lot! Great information at a pace that wasn’t too overwhelming.

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