Scaffolding to Automation

My pre-conference workshop for METC 2017 this year was a more fully-developed workshop on automation, created in tandem with Drew Snodgrass, director of curriculum and design for elementary ages at KIPP St. Louis.  The goal of the workshop was to scaffold the knowledge of our attendees from the most important spreadsheet concepts to the add-ons that accomplish the more visible work.

Participants who attended learned:

  • Google Sheets Basics:
    • Arithmetic
    • Visualization
    • Logic
    • Comparisons
  • Google Sheets Add-ons:
    • PowerTools
    • EZQuery
    • Autocrat
    • Form Ranger
    • Form Limiter
    • CopyDown
    • FormMule
    • FormRedirector

The guided practice worksheet is available here and slides are embedded below.

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