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Welcome to the blog of Drew McAllister.  My passion is learning, and inspiring others to learn.  I’ve had the great privilege to spend my career serving students and teachers.

I began as a teacher of students learning the Latin language, shepherding a full program that covered 7th through 12th grades at a public middle and high school in St. Louis County.  During that time I sometimes taught multi-level classes during the same period (imagine bouncing between 7th and 8th graders in one large classroom, wheeling an overhead to project on different walls), surrendered a planning period to respond to growing sections, coached middle-school flag football (a favorite activity), and was replaced, when I transitioned to another adventure, by three part-time teachers.

Lessons learned include:

  • Teaching is hard, learning is hard, and the days where everyone laughs so hard they cry make it all worthwhile.
  • Parents only and always send the best children they have.  We get to care for them, the best way we know how.
  • Few kids enter the classroom ready to learn “for the sake of learning” or “to succeed in life.”  Kids will work, though, for people who care about them … and then comes the discovery of learning as something they enjoy on their own.

From serving kids directly, I transitioned into serving teachers, first as a “Technology Integration Specialist” (TIS) for the same suburban public school district, and then as a “Technology Coordinator” in a small, high-performing St. Louis private high school for boys.  As a TIS, I focused on supporting teachers with on-demand development, and first began creating content of my own.  Much of this blog has links to that time.  As a technology coordinator, I oversaw both instructional and operational sides of technology, learning not only about what it means to coach around teaching and learning, but also what it means to lead a school technology program effectively.

In my current position as “Education Technology Architect” for a private IT firm, I bring elements of my experiences to a number of different schools in the St. Louis area.  My driving question in this phase of my professional life is, “How might our company bring high quality IT (instructional and information technology) to schools that are vulnerable to an instability of technology vision and services?”

In all phases of my growth up to this point, I have been daily humbled by the amazing educators and education leaders I have had the opportunity to know and serve.  I am truly thankful for this path, and look forward to the opportunities that await.

If you have questions about any of the content on this site and would like to learn more, feel free to connect with me via Twitter,  Google +, or LinkedIn.

As always, the opinions on this blog are my own, are sometimes limited to the time of their writing, and do not reflect on those of my employer.

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Certifications are available on my LinkedIn profile, presentations are available on this site, and a listing of workshops I have led are on my professional development page.

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